Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY- Polka Dot Pants

There's something about polka dots that I just love.  I always find myself gravitating to them in dresses and shoes, and I thought why not pants.

I bought some jeans at the Goodwill for $5, picked out a fun color and got to work!

 Supplies Needed:
Circle Sponge
Fabric Paint (I got this at Michaels)
Color Paint (also from Michaels)

Step 1:  Make sure the jeans are washed!
Step 2:  Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part fabric paint
Step 3:  Apply an even coat to the circle sponge
Step 4:  Start making polka dots
Step 5:  Allow the front to dry and then flip and repeat for the back
Step 6:  Rock your dots

Side note:  I did find I had to do about 2-3 coats of the dots, to give them the pop of color I really wanted them to have. 
This is a simple DIY that anyone can do.  I think I'll have Eleanor make a matching pair.  I also love that it shows my personality and style!!  So go ahead and #Rockthedots


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Raspberry Refresh"mint" Shake

Did you know National Milkshake Month is coming up in September?  I learned this at Blogger Bash from Johnny Rockets. As well as anytime you say the word Milkshake it makes people turn their heads and smile big!

Johnny Rockets is hosting a contest for Blogger Bash attendees to create their own milkshake, and since I have 2 really big milkshake fans in the house I'm gonna give it a try.  With the wonderful weather we've been having I thought it would be great to create a refreshing shake that anyone would love, and wouldn't send kids into sugar overload. 


Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Syrup

Step 1:  Mix all the items together in a blender. (I only do a little ice cream)
Step 2:  Fill the cup with a few scoops of ice cream
Step 3:  Pour the blender contents over the ice cream and mix together
Step 4:  Garnish and enjoy

We love how refreshing and light this shake tastes, it's easy, with great ingredients and the best part as Eleanor said "It's Yummy!"   


Thursday, July 17, 2014

DisneySocialMediaMoms On the Road - Philly 2014

To me there's nothing more magical than Disney.  When pixie dust is sprinkled and you take flight into a Disney Blogging Conference you know it's going to be a great day.

Last month I attended a Disney Social Media Moms On the Road conference in Philly.  To say I came home with some magical tips is an understatement.  From the moment I arrived I was greeted by friendly Disney enthusiasts who were just as excited to be a part of the day as I was.

Once the doors opened we ran to our tables to see an adorable theme and some fun treats.  Breakfast was served, and the ice breaker of swapping pins began.  What's even better is I got to meet Motherburg someone I had known for a while but never met despite all our trips on the L train.

Then it was down to business and I loved all they had to share and teach us.  

Gary Jerry told us about some fun new things at the park, It's a Small World is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.  There's a new parade Festival of Fantasy and the lasted attraction is Seven Dwarfs Mine.  I also learned about RunDisney.  Did you know you can run a half marathon at Disney?  I'm no runner, but I'm thinking about checking this out.

It was Jen Fickley Baker who really had my attention as she gave some awesome tips about the social media aspect of blogging and Disney.
-Tell stories in a creative new innovative way
-Try a series as it can give you an identity
-If you have an idea; chase it.  Maybe you'll come up with something you like
-Encapsulate your blogs value

All great tips to think about when working.

The Victoia Lim shared some Visual Guidelines for photo and video
-clean your lens
-Steady shots
-Try Different angles
-Zoom with your feet (the resolution will be better)
-Hold your phone horizontally not vertically
-Be purposeful in shooting
-If your filming turn your phone on airplane mode (this way if someone calls it won't interrupt)

It was such a great day and there were so many remarkable moments.  I came away with a lot of information and some new friends.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY- Duck Tape Camera Strap

I had such a success with my DIY-Scarf Camera Strap that I thought what other kinds of straps could I make?  Then I was walking through Wal-Mart and I saw all these great patterns of duck tape and thought; that's perfect.

There's no sewing required and as long as you have a little patience you can have one ready in about 10 minutes.
Items needed:
Duck Tape
2- D Rings
2- Lobster Clasps
2- Circle Rings

Step 1:  Figure out how long you want your strap to be.  I did about 4 feet.
Step 2:  Cut the tape and place sticky side up on the ground or to a pole
Step 3:  Take another strip and place it sticky sides together off to one side
Step 4:  Take another strip and place it sticky side together to the other side
Step 5:  Flip the take and fold over the sticky pieces
Step 6:  Take the D ring and fold the edges through
Step 7:  Add duck Tape around the base to secure
Step 8:  If you want to add some color add a different style to tape around the bottom or decorate however you want!

The possibilities with this are endless.  It will take about 10 minutes per strap and while it's not as soft as a scarf it's nice to have something to switch it up with.   It's amazing how many kinds of duck tape are out there!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Family Time at Reeves-Reed Arboretum

We've had a lot of family and friends visiting us recently, and since we love to be out and about we decided to spend a morning exploring Reeves-Reed Arboretum when Mike's sister and family came for a visit.

The kids loved to explore and get the backpack with all the tools (magnify glass, jar for collecting, binoculars, info sheet and scavenger hunt scarf).
My niece H.E. was a whiz at getting a butterfly, bumble bees, daddy long legs and a few other bugs.  She and Eleanor would check the info guide to figure out what they found and then release them to enjoy the rest of their day.

For the 1st time we explored the different trails at the Arboretum and really took the time to see what trees and plants were around.  Walking the trails my sister-in-law reminded us how we have different types of trees here than they do in Minnesota and Georgia (where she grew up and now lives).  We found some cool spiders, took breaks to sit down and enjoy the quiet, laughed and learned!

Overall a great way to spend a morning!  We also got our Brother-in-law Marcus Kenney to grab a family photo for us in front of my favorite spot, the rose garden!

Reeves-Reed Arboretum has Discovery Saturdays going on for the rest of the summer. The fee is $5 per child or free with your Arboretum membership. We hope to see you at one! 

July – Incredible Insects
July 19 – Butterflies
July 26- Ants
August – Pond Life
August 2 – Fish
August 9 – Water Lilies
August 16 – Dragonflies
August 23 – Frogs
August 30 – No Discovery Saturday Program

I was not compensated for this post, but have received a complimentary family membership in exchange for my review.  As always all opinions are my own.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blogger Bash Coffee Talk #BBNYC

I'm super excited to be attending the 1st ever Blogger Bash in NYC next week.  I'm nervous, excited, scared, and totally psyched.  It's my first big conference, and while I do feel like I have home court advantage and know people who are attending, I really want to meet the other bloggers that are attending and get the full experience.

Blogger Bash has organized a link-up so we can get to know each other and our blogs a little better.  Which I think is a great idea. 

Blogger Blogger Bash Coffee Talk

1. Name:  Destiny Paquette

2. Where are you from?  I was born and grew up in Delaware till I got married then I moved to NYC (Brooklyn) where I lived with my husband and 2 kids till a year ago when we moved to Maplewood, NJ. 

3. How long have you been blogging? I started off about 4 years ago as a digital scrapbook for my kids, but it's turned into more in the past year, and I'm excited to see where it will go.

4. What is the meaning behind your blog name?  Suburban Wife, City Life -I love to do the Suburban things, sewing, crafting, decorating, but I work in the city.  Plus we are always venturing around both the Burbs and NYC to do fun activities. 

5. What are you most looking forward to at Blogger Bash?  Getting to play with the toys, meet other bloggers, have a milkshake and connect with brands!

6. What three words describe you the best? Vivacious, Crafty and Loving

7. Got kids? How many? 2 sparkplugs - Eleanor (4) & Camden (2)

8. We all have a pet peeve. What is your #1? Inconsiderate people.  Everyone has something going on so lets be kind to one another.

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? My Grandma Kerstetter, she passed when I was a baby and I would love to get some recipes and crafting tips!

10. Show me your face!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maplewood 4th of July Recap

The town of Maplewood, NJ puts together a huge 4th of July every year, this year was it's 112th celebration.  It's actually rated one of the top 10 best July 4th for a small town.  

We started the morning early by participating in the Push, Pull, Stroll & Bike Parade. I was all ready to go full out with the decorating but decided to go low key.  They also had some free decorations for people so if you didn't do anything there were necklaces, headbands, flags and other things available to make you feel festive.

After the parade they have Races,Robotics club Demo, Ice cream Contests, Tennis contest, Baking Contest, Karaoke, Adult Softball, kids percussion, and a Pet Show.  Lots to do!
There's also the Zerbinni Circus which comes every year for the 4th of July.  They do 3 different shows and we attended the 1:30pm and just missed the rain. 

After the circus we headed home to relax and hang out.  Thankfully the rain cleared up and we played a little Boochie in the backyard (an awesome game for everyone and a yard sale find).  Then it was off to see the fireworks in the park. 

Maplewood does a different spin on their fireworks because they charge an admission to the best viewing area.  Your circus ticket is also included in the ticket, so for $15 you see some up close fireworks and get to check out the circus.  It's not bad price, but I don't know if I would do it every year. 

Overall it was a great day and we were lucky that Mike's parents were able to be a part of it and then Megan and Courtland joined in so it made it a great 4th. 

Does your town have a big day with lots of events?