Saturday, November 22, 2014

B Teepee Review

Kids love to imagine and play and if there's something B Toys tries to emphasize it's for you to B You. I personally love B Toys for so many reasons. To start the packaging is 100% recycled which I think is great for the kids to learn. My kids also get a ton of enjoyment out of playing with the boxes. It's also super easy to find their toys in Target and they're priced reasonably. Some of my favorite gifts to give are the Hellophone, Parum Pum Pum, Okideoke and now the Teepee!
We recently got one of the B Teepees to review and I knew the kids would like it and have fun, but what I didn't realize was how much they would LOVE it.
It is easy to assemble, probably about 15 minutes, and the extra bonus is the light that comes with it already has batteries included.  

We love the fun bright colors and that it's got a mesh window on one side to keep air flowing.  It's also got the option to pull the flaps back and tie them or close them up for a super secret hideaway.
We've had this for 2 weeks and not a day goes by that the kids don't play in it.  If we let them they would nap and sleep in it. It's become their secret hiding spot, changing area, and the place where things just magically turn up!

This is the perfect gift for kids. It allows them to explore and imagine all within the walls of your house. I know we'll be making memories and adventures of our own in the Teepee and can't wait to host a movie night in the living room this winter! 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but did receive the item for review purposes. As always all opinions are my own.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Chirping Moms #YellowFriday

I'm excited to share one of the best shopping events of the season: 
Yellow Friday, hosted by The Chirping Moms! 

Yellow Friday is a weekend long shopping event FULL of great deals. The Chirping Moms got together some fabulous places to shop online & all of them are offering big discounts for their event. A lot of the stores are also offering items in a GIANT giveaway. That's happening over on their site, so be sure to go enter! 

Why wait for Black Friday when you can shop all of these wonderful small businesses now? This is a chance to sit back, relax & get your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your own home. It's easy to shop the deals, because all 35 stores are using the same coupon code: chirpholiday (unless otherwise noted)

Below you will find each company/ Etsy shop participating, an idea of what they sell & what their Yellow Friday deal is. Just click on the store name & it will take you right over to their site to shop. ALL of the stores are using code: chirpholiday (unless a different code is noted).  Please email thechirpingmoms (at) gmail dot com if you have any questions!

Happy shopping everyone!

Yellow Friday Deals 2014
unless otherwise noted

1.  Pop Pop's Children's Furniture Company : Unique wooden's children furniture
All stools are 25% off and have free shipping (domestic only) with code chirpholiday2014

2.  Zoe & Piper:  Jewelry with a conscience
25% off with code TCM25.  Free shipping for orders over $25.

3.  Designed to Shine:  Custom Jewelry And Accessories
25% off with code chirpholiday2014.  Last day for holiday orders is December 1st.

4.  I See Me:  Personalized Books & Gifts for Children
20% off

5.  Sila Boutique:  Online Shopping Boutique Catering to Moms & Children
15% off.

6.  Tickled Peach Studio:  Personalized Kids' Gifts, Invitations, & Stationary
20% off and Free shipping for orders over $50.

7.  Brown Eyed Boutique:  Hairbows & Headbands
25% off

8.  Words to Live By:  Decorative Wood Signs
25% off

9.  Festive Home Decor:  Decorative Throw Pillow Covers
20% off

10.  Project Cottage Ink:  Personalized Prints, Canvas, Invitations, & Wall Art
25% off

11.  Project Cottage Textile Co.:  Pillows, Poufs, Duvet Covers, & More
25% off

12.  Our Sweet Home Alabama:  Handcrafted Treasures with a Southern Touch
20% off orders over $15.

13.  Simply Made Greetings: Custom & Personalized Mugs
20% off

14.  Paper Etiquette:  Fine Paper Goods
20% off

15.  E Ogden Ave : Picture Words Images.
25% off any picture words.

16.  Babychelle : Online shop for children's shoes.
15% off with coupon code YELLOWCHIRPS

17.  Ooh Baby Infinity : Infinity Scarves, Tote Bags, & Table Runners
10% off

18.  Opposite of Far : Unique & High Quality Felt Masks and Tails
Buy 2 Masks & Get A Surprise Mask for Free AND Free Shipping with coupon code SURPRISEME

19.  Bloomz : Felt Flower Headbands & Clips
15% off purchase $15 or more.
Anyone who shops Bloomz during Yellow Friday with coupon code chirpholiday and "likes" Bloomz on Facebook is automatically entered to win a $50 shop credit from Bloomz.  Shop owner will contact a winner. 

20.  Style Smaller : Online Children's Boutique Shop
15% off


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Party, Photo and Recipe Tips with Chex Mix

There's something we make every holiday season to give to friends & neighbors, serve at a party or just snack on ourselves, and that's Chex Mix.

Mom In Love Forever asked me to attend an intimate event sponsored by General Mills last week focusing on Chex and I jumped at the chance to learn great party & photography tips and make some delicious recipes. Plus I got to try out their new Gluten Free Oatmeal (YUM!)

Did you know there are over 100 Chex Mix recipes? We got the chance to make 2 of the recipes Cajun Kick and Muddy Buddy (AKA Puppy Chow). One of the things I love about making Chex Mix is how easy it is. You can have a delicious treat in 15 minutes and little ones can even get in on the action. It was also something fun for our group to make as we laughed, chatted and may have even added some extra chocolate chips!

This wasn't just an event about making some delicious recipes.  Little Miss Party was on hand with some great holiday party and decorating tips.

  • Pick a color theme
  • Use Chex to decorate (I love the Chex & Craisin garland)
  • For a take away/favor put some Chex Mix in a mason jar and add a fun sticker
  • Always keep another batch of Chex Mix ready to go in the kitchen because it will be eaten!

We also got some great photo tips from Karilyn Sanders. Photos are an important part of blogging and since we're often posting recipes and examples I loved getting some great ideas about angles, and times of day to shoot.

It was a great event and really has be excited about making our traditional recipe and even getting creative and trying a new one. So tell me what's your favorite Chex Mix to make and serve?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but did receive a gift bag. As always all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Momtrends Holiday Event 2014 Recap

It may only be November, but the holiday season is coming quick and I'm thankful to have the annual Momtrends Holiday event under my belt to get me and you ready!

This years event was held at the Stella & Dot showroom, and we got a sneak peak of their holiday looks. I'm usually a pretty simple girl when it comes to jewelry, but fell in love with a lot of their looks, and versatility. I love it so much I bought some earrings and I'm hosting a trunk show at my office. I'll have more on this soon!
I love decorating the house for the holiday so I was excited to chat with Teleflora. They have such beautiful flowers, but they love to take it to the next step and put some thought into the containers. I love the gingerbread house/cookie jar and what's better is they are partnering with Buddy Valastro and have some awesome recipes that come with certain arrangements. The best take away of the night was the decorating tip of tablescaping!
When it comes to the little ones of the family I See Me Books are the perfect gift to give. This personalized book will be something they cherish. With so many different stories and options of names and photos to add you'll find this the perfect gift, for a birthday, holiday or just because you love them!

Some holidays can be extra special for families with a new addition so having that perfect 1st Christmas outfit or cute toddler pjs is essential and Little Me has these perfect items. The quality of these clothes is beyond others and what's better is they really do stand the test of time.

The crafty girl in me was so excited to see that Duck Brand was in attendance. I may have even gone fan girl and told them about all the different ways I love to use their Duck Tape. They didn't disappoint in their different designs. Table runners, place-mats, ornaments, place cards. The possibilities really are endless and the different designs they have are too fun, I mean Glitter Duck Tape, need I say more!
What's a party without food? Noshing on some Walkers Shortbread cookies took me back to my childhood, and what's even better is they gave us the suggestion to decorate these with our kids, they've already done some of the work with the design in the cookie. We also got to taste some Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. This will make the perfect hostess gift, and I'm sure Santa wouldn't mind a few of these on Christmas Eve!
What's a Momtrends event without a little fashion show. With Land's End there these Mom's were decked out in some awesome trends. I love the tuxedo pant Nicole wore and I'm all about a colorful cardigan with a dress as Jen models, but my favorite was this cable knit sweater Gia had. I love a comfy sweater and this is absolutely on my wishlist!

It was a wonderful event catching up with both the brands and the NYC blogging community. I feel more prepared for gift giving season, and ready to get my craft on this winter!

Note: I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a good bag. As always all opinions are my my own.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Glade® Boutique #FeelGlade

One of my favorite things about NYC is the pop up shops we get, and last night I got to attend a sneak preview of the Glade® Boutique.

I know what you're thinking what can a Glade® Boutique give me that the target aisle can't? Well their new campaign is bringing emotion and feeling to life through an engaging and immersive experience. Fancy right! This event wasn't just about smelling their scents, but to feel the emotion of the scent.

With the help of fashion designer Pamela Dennis and noted interior and architectural designer Stephanie Goto they created an environment that inspired us to give the gift of feelings!  Thought and detail were put into the sitting areas and 5 different rooms for you to explore and ask you feel instead of smell.

So what was so special about these rooms? Here an inside look to my 3 favorite!

  • Anticipation - (inspired by Sparkling Spruce) This was my 1st room and favorite. It was a winter wonderland with snow, trees and icicles surrounding us. I quickly became a child anticipating the winter and purchase of our Christmas Tree
  • Relaxation (inspired by Hawaiian Breeze) Walking from the winter to the beach and through a larger than life conch shell had me asking for a drink and beach chair. 
  • Flirty (inspired by Blooming Peony & Cherry) I love to feel flirty and this room allowed me to dress up and enjoy a little pampering. 

What's even better is you can experience this all for yourself. The Glade® Boutique is located at 408 W. 14th St. in NYC's meatpacking district and will be open from today through December 23, 2014. Hours Mon-Fri (11am-8pm) Sat (10am-8pm) and Sun (11am-7pm) It will be closed on Thanksgiving day (Nov 27).

Note: I was not compensated for this post. I attended this event as press and did receive a gift bag. As always all opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#LeapTV "Leap into Gaming" MommyParty!

Disclosure: I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are m own.

The LeapTV from LeapFrog is going to be one of the hot toys this holiday season, and I can say from 1st hand experience I totally understand why. It's the perfect mix of game, education and active fun for kids age 3-8.
We even got to host a #LeapTv party and share the game with our friends. We decided to have an early morning play-date and get the kids ready to go with bagels, juice and snacks. The kids were so excited to play and Eleanor couldn't wait to show them how it all works.

We started with the Sports game. This game has 9 different sports to play, and the interaction of player and system is so unique. We played the karate section for 3 reasons, 1) The kids can see themselves on the TV,  2) It works on eye-hand coordination and thinking fast. 3) It is Eleanor's favorite.
Since we had some practice prior to our party Eleanor knew the drill, but when we 1st started out we needed to help her.  This game will give you a shape and you have to break the board.  So you look at the shapes coming out and hit them with your arm, no controller, it's super interactive and really makes you work on eye-hand coordination. 

What I also love is the game reads your child. If they are hitting the boards quickly it will go a little quicker, but if they aren't so fast it works at your pace. The game always gives positive encouragement and the right amount of time to play while not feeling too long.
We all had a great time playing and I say "all" because the parents got into it as well.  I personally love playing the Dance and Learn game, and so does Camden. 

Our LeapTV party was a ton of fun hanging and playing with friends, but I know the real fun will come this winter when we're stuck inside. The kids can play the games and stay active both mentally and physically.

 Disclosure: I received free products in order the host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are m own.


Friday, November 14, 2014

1st Emergency Room Visit

Note: Everyone is fine and well!

Kids are prone to accidents, it's true, and something we learn very on is they are more resilient than we think.  Until you have to take that 1st trip to the emergency room.

Our story begins with Eleanor and Camden sitting on the bed watching a movie, when all of the sudden we hear a very loud thud, and seconds later a cry.  Mike and I rush to the bedroom and find Eleanor on the floor crying in pain. We didn't see blood and all looked fine, so we sit her up and went about, but 20 minutes later she was still upset and crying and we knew something wasn't right.

We tried to take off her shirt and she refused to move and that's when we saw an extra bump on her collar.  Mike and I had a moment of "what do we do?" This is the 1st time we've had something happen to the kids.  Should we go to Urgent Care, the emergency room, call the doctor?  We were literally dumbfound. What's worse is we didn't know where our closest hospital is located.  Yes, we've lived here for over a year, and we've always talked about looking it up, but never did.  Talk about a #parentfail. What if this was a life or death situation?

We finally called a friend in the area and asked where they would go, and then we started pulling together all these things we thought might be needed.  Snacks, toy, ipad and yes the insurance card.

Mike took Eleanor to the hospital and it turns out she cracked her clavicle.  Something very common for young kids and it also heels pretty quickly and doesn't need a cast, she just wears a sling for a week and takes it easy.  Of course the best part for Eleanor was the fact that she and Dukie got wristbands.

What this really taught me is that we need to be more prepared in case of an emergency.  So we're putting together a list of the doctors, hospitals, and an emergency bag so we can just grab it and go.

So tell me do you have a plan for an emergency situation?  What would you recommend?