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Sweet Suite 2015

There’s something I’ve been looking forward to all year. It’s the biggest night of play and so much fun they named it twice. Sweet Suite gives an inside peek into all that’s coming in the world of toys, dress up and fun and I'm going to share with you some of my favorites and things to get excited about!

This year the event was at Chelsea Piers and it was awesome. As I walked in I knew it would be a fun night. There were beautiful flowers from Teleflora, girls standing like statues on stools with blinged out lollipops and candy was everywhere.

I was lucky enough to be coming from the Blue Man Performance so I was looking forward to hanging with my friends and playing like kids.

Teleflora: Christmas in July

It's the holiday season...wait a minute it's still 21 weeks away, but I've got a sneak peak into some fun arrangements from Teleflora to share.

As one of the sponsors of Blogger Bash Teleflora really pulled out some sweet stops. The centerpieces for all the events were stunning and the room was filled with wonderful scents. I regret not taking more pictures. It was so nice to see them around the room.

Teleflora was also on hand to show us their special holiday line, which will feature an old friend, Snoopy.

I love that they put such thought into what the flowers go into. They containers are something you'll want to use every holiday and find ways to celebrate Christmas in July.

I love the Snoopy house, decorated for the season. It's beautiful with flowers or add some treats to make it a centerpiece or it would make a great surprise candy dish.

This mug has some fun memories of Charlie Brown and Snoopy ice skating. It's the perfect wintertime mug to sip hot cocoa or add it the table and put some flatware in it for a party to give a holiday memory touch.

Teleflora is my go to for flowers and these arrangements year round, and I'm looking forward to all they have in store for the holiday season even though it is July!

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When Worlds Collide: Blogging & Blue Man Group

I am a very lucky lady. Not only do I have an awesome family and husband, but I have an awesome job and fun blog, or at least I think so!

For those who don't know my full-time job is working at Blue Man Group. I've been with them for over 7 years and about a year ago they found out I was a blogger. From there a new role was created for me as Family Ambassador in addition to my other duties and it's been a whirlwind.

Commuting Stinks: My thoughts on commuting from NJ to NYC

For the most part I'm a pretty happy and positive person. For the past 2 years I've been living in NJ and commuting into NYC daily and you know what it stinks.

I've tried very hard to embrace my 40 minutes on the Mid-Town direct, and there are some times when it's pretty pleasant getting lost in a great book or chatting with a new or old friend. For the most part though it's a soul draining experience that makes me want to scream and bang my head against the wall.

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