DIY- Easter Carrot Flatware Decoration

One of the best parts about having a house to me is having a real dining room table.  To some people this may not seam like a big deal, but after living in a railroad apartment where our table wasn't easily accessible and rarely used it's huge to me.

I love to decorate for the holidays and even though we're not hosting Easter this year I still wanted to decorate my table.  I needed to come up with something "cheep" and since I already had orange and green felt from other projects I came up with the idea to make carrot flatware holders.

Supplies needed:
- orange felt (1 sheet will get you 2 carrots)
- green felt
-glue gun

Step 1: Trace the carrot and top (template HERE)
Step 2:  Cut out the carrots and tops
Step 3:  Hot glue the bottom carrot piece.  Be careful not to glue to close to the edge or too close to the center.  You don't want glue oozing out or not being able to fit your silverware in.  Also, make sure you don't start at the very top if you choose to fold down the top.
Step 4:  Hot glue the top of the carrot to the inside bottom piece
Step 5:  Fold down the front of the carrot and glue a dot on each side.  I left it open in the middle so I can slide a place card into it.
Step 6:  Set your table and enjoy

I love this craft, because it's super easy, very affordable and any one can do it.  So get out that felt and glue gun and start decorating.

Do you love to decorate your table for the holidays?  What special things do you do?