Spbang Reusable Bags -Review and Giveaway

I'm constantly packing up snacks and sandwiches while on the run with the kids. Even if we're running to Target for a quick trip (which we all know is impossible) I always grab a little snack bag.
 In our attempt to be greener I wanted to cut out all the plastic baggies we were using, so I needed an alternative. Then I got introduced to Spbang reusable snack bags.
When I first got our Spbang bags I thought they were a little heavy, and large, but I have no problem filling them full and as strange as it sounds, they don't feel heavier when I put things in them.  Update:  The new bags are 2 oz lighter and "softer"
I immediately asked Eleanor what she thought of them and she told me she liked the color and then pointed out all the different fruits on them.  She also likes that there's a spot for her name sticker.
I'm very hands on so I started inspecting them to see how they work. It was easy for me to open and my initial thought was it may leak, but I'm happy to report no spills or crumbs in my purse yet.  I also really love that they do have some weight to them so my snacks aren't getting broken or sandwiches smashed as easily.

It did take me a few attempts to figure out how to close the flap, but I learned that putting it under the lip and pushing down on the top is the quickest easiest way to close it and without crushing my snacks or sandwich. Eleanor (almost 4) has a tough time closing it, but she and Camden can open it easily and get the snacks out without spilling them.
 Another thing I love is that these are dishwasher safe and actually get clean in the dishwasher or I can easily and quickly rinse it out and dry it off as well. 

Overall I love this product and find that I keep one in my purse at all times.  At a price of $9.99 each it is more then a box of plastic baggies, but to me it's worth it knowing I'm not adding more waste to the environment. They are also starting production in the USA, which goes far in my book.  
That's not all though, I'm excited to share that Spbang has been kind enough to do a giveaway for one lucky Suburban Wife, City Life reader for 2 of the grass bags!
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I did receive products complimentary for review.  As always all opinions are my own.