SKOY Cloth Review & Giveaway

Keeping with #Green2014, I thought it would perfect to share a green product review and giveaway for Earth Day!

I am constantly reaching for paper towels to clean up spilled milk, wipe spaghetti smiles and hands, or just clean the kitchen table.  It's amazing how many paper towels we use.  I'm conscious that we need to cut back, so I searched for an alternative and that's when I learned about SKOY cloths.

What is a SKOY cloth and what does it do?  This was my first question and then I started to read all the highlights:
  • 100% biodegradable  •
  • Absorbent  •
  • Re-usable  •
  • European-made  •
  • Compostable  •
  • Multi-use  •
  • Unique designs and fun colors!
I also learned that using a SKOY cloth is like using 15 rolls of paper towels.  I mean WOW, and once it's done it will completely break down in about 5 weeks.

It's amazing how easy it is to use.  I was surprised with how stiff it was when I first got it, but once it's wet it's soft and easy to use.  It can absorb 15x it's own weight, and it's quick at cleaning up spills that would usually take 6 or more paper towels.

I love that the 4 pack comes with different colors.  I keep one for the dishes, one for cleaning, one for the floor and one for cleaning messy hands and faces.  What's even better is cleaning the cloths.  I can wash them in the dishwasher, or washing machine, or throw a wet one in the microwave.  It's easy for both city and suburb families! 

What's even better is they can be found on Amazon  and they're super affordable.  Spoiler alert:  I just ordered some for my Mom, Aunt and a friend.  They make a perfect little housewarming, baby, bridal or just thinking of you gift.

I'm happy to say I have a pack of SKOY cloths for a giveaway!  

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Let's make the world a little greener together by making this small change.  Your children, will thank you.  Happy Earth Day!