DIY- Blue Man Group Spin Art Inspiration

I'm always looking for ways to bring some fun into work and I thought it would be fun to pull my kids into the mix as well by doing some projects.  Over the next coming weeks I'll be sharing some different crafts and activities that are inspired from Blue Man Group.

I'm starting with a favorite for everyone and that's spin art.  I love how Blue Man creates art in the shows and thought the kids would get a kick out of making a picture just like Mommy has.  I know you can buy those spin art kits, but I took some craft supplies I already had around the house and a lazy susan Mike and I got when we got married.  We had so much fun and even thought we didn't make it exactly the same way the Blue Man does we loved making it our own.

Supplies Needed:

Paper or Canvas
Paint (Bright Yellow, Bright Blue & Bright Pink)
Lazy Susan or some type of item that will spin (turntable of some sort)
Blue Stamp Ink
Note:  This project can be messy so I recommend doing it over paper or a tarp
with lots of paper towels handy!

Step 1:
Take the pink paint and make a line from left to right and add a dot to the top left corner

Step 2:
Take the yellow paint and make a line from left to right below the pink.  Add a dot to the top left corner

Step 3:
Tape the paper or canvas to the bottom top of the lazy susan

Step 4:
Give the lazy susan a spin and add blue paint to the center of the picture.  Watch the paint swirl.

Step 5:
Sign the spin art with a blue thumbprint

Step 6:
Find the perfect spot to hang in your child's bedroom or playroom.  Maybe even put the tickets on the back or front so you can always remember your Blue Man Group Experience!

Eleanor loves that she has a picture in her room that she made and I love that we have this memory of seeing the show and making cool stuff together!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.  I do work for Blue Man Productions, but all ideas and photos are my own as a parent.